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Thread: My goan wife

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    thanks sexer sure why not u can have my wife boobs and sure will doggy ur wife now just see my wifes back and say what u feelCopy (2) of DSC04495.JPGDSC04491.JPG
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    fss i will do saree shoot also wait ok and thanks for ur coments aand also thank for panthe rand anju jhon

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    Wow goanvisa she is marvellous and sexy.

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    Hi avinash...
    Hope you enjoys the thred... keep going onn..

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    great pics man - post stripping pics

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    man goan buddy....on seeing her hot back i feel so crazy like a bull...i hope she takes on wild studs like me like she takes u on....i bet u me and sexer buddy cud tag team her and turn her into a kinky nasty cum craving bitch....just loved her ...she ozzes horniness.....love hr

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    thanks hornybull ,why not lets make her cum carving bitch -----------------DSC04353.JPGDSC04354.JPGDSC04372.JPGDSC04374.JPGDSC04373.JPG

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    Quote Originally Posted by goanvisa View Post
    thanks hornybull ,why not lets make her cum carving bitch -----------------Attachment 4643Attachment 4644Attachment 4645Attachment 4646Attachment 4647
    OOhhh man...lift the skirt of this nasty bitch and write my and sexer buddy's name on her ass...and write with it that we own that hot ass and cunt of this horny itch....that wud really make her feel kinky and we guys wud really turn her into a cum hungry nasty bitch....just love her horniness.....love her

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    Milky boobs but your cock is more arousing goanvisa. love you.

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